Getting ready for craft fairs

We have started making our booth for local craft shows.  The first thing we did was grab up as many pallets as we could.  We knew that we wanted to make the walls out of pallet wood in order to hang the pieces and keep cost down.  

As you can see, there is a lot of wood and none of it fits together very well.

photo (1).JPG

I cut some 2*4 from the old workbench in the garage.  Then I fastened some hinges to two of the freshly flushed panels.  So far, I've spent $24 on 8 heavy-duty hinges.  All the wood has been free.  I used a circular saw to shave off the excess wood so that it will fold along the hinges.

Here is the back of the wall, three panels hinged together so that I can fold them up like an accordion and move them easily.  They are pretty heavy but well worth it.  I'll try and get some pictures of the finished booth up tomorrow. 

The Start

On February 9, 2014, we quit our day jobs and decided to take our wood working full time.  The hobby that we had always loved, was now going to be enjoyed for countless hours a week.  With the help of a lot of great friends, we are very excited to see how far this can go.  Josh has been working for the past few weeks on creating many different types of pieces in order to let customers know what we are able to do.